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HK Studio Architects has worked for a number of years with Barry Bennett and his team. We have completed over 20 new build and remodel projects as a team and have experienced nothing but excellent service and a quality product during that time.


During our work history, we have completed projects as simple as interior room remodels to as complex as complete home remodels and home additions. Barry and his team have always exhibited respect to homes and workplaces, timely construction and project completion, and provided an open and complete project budget.


Barry has always been willing to provide preliminary budget estimates, complete project bids, and demonstrated versatility and a willingness to adapt to project adjustments / scope as needed.

I would recommend and do when possible any client to work with Barry and his team. He is a valued resource and skilled contractor. 




— HK Studio Architects

We used Barry Bennett and Focus on Excellence in 2010-2012 to completely remodel our Paradise Valley home and since then for various sundries issues. We entrusted Barry to complete the work despite the fact we were thousands of miles away during the construction.


Focus on Excellence kept us update on the progress diligently and made a potentially difficult situation palatable. Barry has always been a pleasure to deal with even under the most stressful of situations. He is honest, thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable. These aren't adjectives frequently associated with contractors. Barry aims to please his client no matter the size of the issue. We highly recommend Barry and Focus on Excellence.


— The Dolins Family

Tom and I want to thank you for the wonderful rebuild of our Paradise Valley home.  As you are aware we live 430 miles away and would come once a month to check on the progress.  We were always pleased with your progress and the condition of the work site.  We have built numerous homes from afar and we can say with experience that we could not do that with many builders.  Your professionalism and knowledge quickly allowed us to establish trust and confidence, which made dealing at a distance easy.  We appreciate the way you worked with our designer to deliver his vision and our dream.  The subcontractors are all excellent at their trade and they are just nice, good people and easy to talk to.  Your ability to resolve unexpected challenges quickly, was refreshing.  We will continue to use you as the need arises, something we cannot say about other builders and we have done a lot of building. 


— Tom & Judy

It is a great pleasure to write a review of Barry Bennett's work remodeling our house in Scottsdale.  This project was massive in scope.  Two of the three bathrooms were completely redone, and the third bathroom had renovations.  Throughout the rest of the house several interior walls were removed and new interior structures were added; all of the wood and tile flooring was redone; air conditioner lines were redone; and, the ceilings were well stripped of popcorn finishing and redone.

The three most important qualities that Barry repeatedly demonstrated as he, and his subcontractors, worked with us are:  listening and responding to our comments, reservations, etc.; dealing with reconstruction/ renovation issues in a thoughtful and creative manner; and adhering to a standard of excellence in the craftsmanship of each part of the project, as well as the project as a whole.  In addition, despite the need to undertake extra renovations as errors in the original house workmanship were discovered, he actually completed the project two weeks before the end-date that was agreed-upon in our contract with his company.  Finally, he was always providing us with alternative approaches to saving money as the project was underway.  He went with us to evaluate and purchase plumbing fixtures, tiles, etc.  We have now lived in the remodeled house for more than a year and have found no defects in the materials used or the craftsmanship employed in this project.

In sum it was a pleasure to work with Barry and his subcontractors as the renovated house was a work in progress and it is a pleasure to be living in the finished house.

— Mark & Barbara Stern

This letter is to convey my sincere recommendation to utilize Barry Bennett for your construction project.  He is currently project managing the total remodel and addition to my Scottsdale home.  I am an interior designer in the luxury real estate and commercial arenas and have experience with many homebuilders and general contractors.  Given that I have entrusted Barry with my personal home speaks volumes of my confidence in his abilities.  The following are highlights of Barry’s superior attributes:


My timeline for my remodel and addition is 2 months.  This includes taking the existing structure down to the studs, run all new electrical, plumbing, structural changes and re-build…very ambitions.  Having never had a project stay on the original timeline in my professional experience with other builders, you can imagine my satisfaction to find that halfway through the project we are still on track.   Barry’s ability to keep the project moving efficiently, even when I make changes to the original plan is uncanny.  I attribute this to his excellent management skills and his great relationships with his subcontractors who are always onsite and working efficiently.


Barry’s attention to construction details and how it will impact the finished project not only structurally, but also aesthetically, is the biggest reason I feel my project is in capable hands.


Barry’s vast knowledge of construction details, research of various options for achieving desirable end results, and cost analysis all have ensured that I am receiving the best product at the best price.


All of Barry’s initial cost estimates and budget figures have come in at or below the projected values.  His accurate bids have been an important guideline as I move towards completion of my project.


 Though jobsites are expected to be messy, Barry’s subcontractors always leave my site clean and organized.  Though this isn’t a deal breaker, it is nice to see such professionalism in the industry (which I have yet to see on other builder’s sites that I visit daily).  This also ensures that my site is safe of hazardous debris during site visits.


To me, in every industry, a great company comes down to customer service and satisfaction.  Barry’s superior ability to serve me as his customer started when he found my home for me.  His guidance and superior performance through the home-buying process was only the beginning.  I am surprised daily at how his commitment to my home and me grows.


There is no higher complement than repeat business.  Not only would I use Barry on future projects, I will be using his services on my next property which I am in the process of acquiring.

— Justin Nee

We've been living in our rebuilt house for some time now and want to thank Focus on Excellence for the wonderful work done for us. How lucky for us that you were available to build our dreams.


We actually started with a very limited and simple plan but after seeing what you could do for us the remodel grew considerably. When we had questions for you and needed your advice, your solutions were extraordinary. We grew so comfortable with Focus on Excellence that we increased the scope of our remodel and now we enjoy the results of your team's work every day. 


I cannot tell you enough how happy we are with the results and want to thank you for all you have done.

— The Readdys

I write this letter to recommend Focus on Excellence as a general contractor. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bennett to add on a family room and garage in 2014.


Mr. Bennett was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of the project. He was absolutely clear in his record keeping. He managed the budget and my expectations well. I always knew the status of the project, including what was complete and what was scheduled next. During the few months of construction, Mr. Bennett showed diligence and dedication to finish the work on time. Not only was the work completed on time, it was on budget.


Mr. Bennett chose and managed the subcontractors well. The quality of workmanship was fantastic. It was comforting to have a contractor and crew that I could trust to be at my house while I was away at work. The crew was professional, courteous and highly skilled. The work reflected their attention to detail. It was exciting to come home each day and see the progress that was made.


The team kept the workplace very clean and orderly. They swept up and/or vacuumed each day and took special care to prevent any of the job dust from spreading throughout my house.


Patience is required when you work with any contractor, as it takes time to complete the job. However, I always knew what to expect and the end result was well worth the wait. I could not have been happier with the finished project.


I would not hesitate to call Focus on Excellence for another construction project, large or small. I highly recommend Focus on Excellence to other homeowners looking for a reliable and dependable contractor.

— Blake Athen

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